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Q. What is Touch and why should I get involved.

A: Touch is a minimal contact version of rugby played on a maximum pitch area of 50m x 70m or, typically, half a standard rugby pitch. The game puts emphasis on running, agility, passing, catching and communication. Touch is often referred to as Touch Rugby and rugby forms the basis of the rules, but there is no tackling, lineouts, scrumming or kicking involved.

Q. How long do games last and will I be up to it?

A. Games last a maximum of 40 minutes, divided into two halves, although often games can be shorter in length. At any time no more than 6 players feature for each side although 'rolling' subs are permitted throughout the match. In the mixed version there must be at least 3 women on the pitch at any one time. The game is designed to appeal to a wide range of ages and abilities, from beginners to masters and from slight to heavy builds, both male and female.

Q. Is it dangerous?

A. The game being non-collision removes many of the risks associated with the contact version of the sport. Players do not face the challenge of heavy physical contact with larger opponents. Touch is intended to promote rugby to a wider audience in a manner that is accessible to all.

Q. Who can play?

A. Touch is one of the few team sports where men and women can compete on teams together not only socially but at an internationals level. There are currently approximately 15,000 people playing touch in organized leagues across the UK and it is currently one of the fastest growing sports.

Q. What do I need to get started?

A. Touch is one of the most flexible short-sided sports, with the only equipment requirements being a standard rugby ball and a set of markers to denote the touchdown area and playing area.

Q. When can I play?

A.Touch is generally played in the summer months (May to August), appealing to the rugby playing demographic, looking to the sport as a fitness tool during the off-seasons and to the more casual player looking for a summer past-time.

Q. Where can I play?

A.The WRU are running Touch Leagues throughout Wales. Click here to find out more

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Looking to get fit while having fun this summer? Join the WRU Touch leagues from as little as £2.50 per session starting May 2014.


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